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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Glasses, New Mattress and a Library Card!

New Glasses, New Mattress and a Library Card!

Yes, I am marking things off my to do list.  The mattress was long overdue, and I am sleeping on clouds, now.  The glasses were really important because I was having so much trouble reading with the old ones.  The library card was so I would be able to use such a wonderful resource--our local libraries.

The weeds in my garden are actually under control.  I have been picking plenty of green beans.  I think I will be picking lima beans starting next week.  I should have a lot of them.  I can’t wait.  I like lima beans much more than green beans.  Everything else is doing pretty good.  I have gotten a few cukes, peppers and tomatoes.  The basil is thriving, and I have harvested garlic.

The riding is going well, though the river was high a few times this week.  Ellen told me she is glad to have me around on her weekday rides.  I was worried she would tire of me, so this is a good sign.   Kevin also seems to like having me around.

We finished watching the last season of “Justified.”  That was really good.  We are now starting “True Detective.”

Retirement isn’t exciting, but it is great.  I never expected exciting.  I don’t miss work one bit!

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