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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Dried Shell Beans

My Dried Shell Beans

About half my crop of shell beans are in, and I am very pleased.  I planted them on the dry end of the garden, so I probably have less than if I planted them anywhere else, but so far, they have done better here than anything else I have tried in that spot.  I think I will expand them down to the far corner where I tried some pole beans this year that are currently languishing.  (No great loss--I have plenty of green beans this year.)

I like growing shell beans because they are just so pretty to look at and fun to pick.  They are cheap enough to buy in the store, and I can’t taste any difference in the flavor.  I will save some of these to plant next year, and I will buy new varieties to try, too.

I use these mostly in my soup.  

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