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Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Review: “The Kentons” by William Dean Howells

Book Review: “The Kentons” by William Dean Howells

I love reading Howells’ books.  They are very realistic and take me back a century.  His characters are so real and ordinary.  They are regular people living regular lives; making decisions and suffering or enjoying the consequences.

“The Kentons” is a story about a young lady who is involved in a relationship that goes awry.  Her family, in order to help her to get away from the man, takes her from her home in Ohio to New York City and then abroad.  I feel the heart of the story is how her parents want to help her, but are so unsure what to do.  Her sister and brother add a quietly comical aspect to the story.

I love his books, and this one is just as entertaining as the rest.

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