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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Book Review: "Get Shorty" by Elmore Leonard

Book Review: "Get Shorty" by Elmore Leonard

I love Elmore Leonard books, but I must say that this one disappointed me.  It took place in Hollywood, where a loan shark travels to get a payment from a customer who skipped out of town.  He thought that his story might make a good film, so he gets involved with a producer and some actors.  They have their own script they want to make into a movie.  Some other guys got involved who wanted to make the movie, too.

The plot was rather convoluted and I had trouble following it much of the time.  Nothing dragged me into the story, so I tended to only read a little at a time, so that made it even harder to follow the plot.  His character development wasn't near as good as previously, and there was very little tension to keep me interested.

Long ago, I saw the movie and I wasn't impressed with that, either.

I rate this one--big disappointment.

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