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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Review: “Travels with My Aunt” by Graham Greene

Book Review: “Travels with My Aunt” by Graham Greene

I have really liked the novels that I have read by Graham Greene, but I was disappointed in this one.  I was expecting more adventures and a more interesting story.

The main character is a retired banker that likes his quiet life spending his time in his garden.  He meets a long lost aunt at his mother’s funeral, and she brings him into her rather odd life.  It seems most of the book was him being fascinated by the stories of her life.  She does get him to do some traveling with her and they ended up in some odd circumstances, but the book never became a page turner.

Over the span of the book, we see our man changing his attitudes about his life.  Now, as a retired estimator living a quiet life with my animals and garden, I just didn’t see the change as that realistic.  I can’t imagine that being arrested would make me desire a more exciting life.

Also, I have an eccentric aunt, myself, and I would say they are way over rated.  Their stories aren’t that fascinating--when you aren’t even sure what is true and what isn’t--as it the case with this book.

I didn’t hate the book, but I expected more from Graham Greene.

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