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Friday, September 23, 2016

Retirement Returning Soon

I have one more week to go of part time.  My trainee has progressed enough that I think he won't need me anymore.  He will still need help--estimating is a tough job to learn, but he is no longer a ship drifting out at sea...

I have learned something during this week stint of working--that retirement is really the right thing for me.  After the first few days of being at work, the novelty was gone.  I'm not sure if the novelty will ever been gone with retirement for me.  It suits me so well.

Ellen has been taking vacation, and we have been getting some terrific riding.  We love to ride in the fall. The weather has been a little warm, though.  We look forward to the cool weather with no bugs.

I will be spending more time with this blog once I am retired, again.

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