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Monday, January 30, 2017

We Walk

My constant companion, Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, walk every day.  That is nothing new.  I have been walking dogs every day since I was a teenager.  The difference is now I have much more time.

We try to average an hour a day.  Sometimes it is more--sometimes less, but we seek our average of an hour.  We walk in the West Creek Reservation, but you won't see us too often.  Maggie is so bad when we see other dogs, that I try to avoid the more populated paths.

Weather permitting, I bring a book to read.  It actually encourages me to walk farther and I don't get frustrated when she spends too much time sniffing things.

Of course, walking is tougher this time of year, but I have still maintained our schedule.  Today, with all the snow, I didn't really feel like it, but as soon as I got outside, I felt invigorated.  We did our hour with no problem.  It was a little slower, but we did it.

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