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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Retirement Update

I just had my retirement party and ate a lot of cake!  Sugar high!

I have one more week of work, and then I will be retired.  This is a really big thing for me.  I haven’t had more than 10 days off in a row in decades.  I can’t even grasp what it will feel like, but I suppose I will adapt to it really quick.

Poor Cole.  I hope he doesn’t get tired of spending time with me.  I know my cat, Thunder, will get his greatest wish.  Every morning, he tells me not to go to work—that I need to spend more time with him.  My dog, Maggie, usually wants me to go to work as soon as possible because I give her a Kong toy filled with treats, but that’s how dogs are.  She will like the better walks.

I hope Kevin and Ellen don’t mind seeing me a little more.  I’ll be tagging along with them on their weekday rides.

I will be really, really happy when the days get shorter and I won’t have to give up my trail rides because it is too dark in the evening!  I love trail riding in the fall, and I plan to be doing a lot of it!

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