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Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Review: “The Heart of the World” by Ian Baker

Book Review: “The Heart of the World” by Ian Baker

I love a good adventure story; particularly if it is true.  In Tibet, there was a legend of a large waterfalls in Tsangpo Gorge.  Author, Ian Baker, Ian Baker, was intrigued by it and set out to discover it.

Baker interweaves the history of the area, ancient accounts of the waterfall and how to get there and the stories of those who attempted and failed to find it.  We learn all about the Buddhist belief of reaching a place called Yangsang; a paradise on earth.  The waterfall is supposed to be a gateway to Yangsang.  Is it real?  

Baker chronicles several journeys into the area; climaxing with a race to reach the waterfall before a Chinese exploration party gets there first.  The hardships they endured, from near constant rain, dangerous crossing across the gorge, sheer cliffs and leeches--lots of leeches, kept me enthralled.  

I loved this book.

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