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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Great Morning

The weather was terrific, again.  After I went on another somewhat successful trail ride with Ellen, I hung out with Kevin.  First, we went to see a Great Horned Owl nest he found on the parkway in Rocky River Reservation.  It is just south of Uranus on the opposite side of the street.  Just look for the gathering crowd of birdwatchers.  We were able to see the owl on her nest without binoculars, but with them, we could see her little baby, too.

Since we were close, we just had to go see the eagle's nest on Grayton Road.  They are sitting on their eggs, right now, so we couldn't see the one that was sitting inside the nest, but we saw on on a tree, very close to the nest.  I guess the eggs will hatch, soon.  We will be back.  We have known about that nest for years.

Next, we hiked at the golf course trail.  It used to be a nice bridle trail, and the first section of it still is.  Once you go up the hill, though, the erosion is just awful.  It simply would not be worth the risk to try to ride a hose through it, but it is still safe to hike.  I doubt if the park will try to fix it, again.  The trail is a dead end, so it isn't a huge loss, but it is a shame to lose any of our bridle trails.

Lastly, it was time for lunch.  Kevin and I love Burger King.  Actually, we are rather addicted.  I like my whoppers without mayo and with BBQ added.  They are healthier and tastier that way.

Then I went home to rest a bit before me dog walk.  It was a busy and fun-filled day.

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